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IBrowse 2.5 Changes List
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updated 30 August 2019, 12:02:43 UTC
Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, but merely a categorised summary of the changes that were logged in the history since IBrowse 2.4 was released.

  1. Removed conditional AmiSSL 4.3 checking code - now requires AmiSSL 4.3 to be installed
  2. Added ARIA encryption setting and TLSv1.3 support for the upcoming AmiSSL 4.3 release
  3. [OS4] Remove redundant OS3 code in AmiSSL initialisation
  4. Fixed memory leak in https.protocol
  5. Can now set a new master password, after previously disabling the master password in the same session
  6. [68k] Fixed AmiSSL v4 initialisation issue which could cause (semi-random) HTTPS connections to not work at all
  7. Fixed min/max SSL version not being applied correctly
  8. Now requires AmiSSL v4.0 / OpenSSL 1.1.x
  9. Removed MiamiSSL, SSLv2 and SSLv3 protocol support
  10. Added support for TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 protocols
  11. Added Server Name Information (SNI) support for HTTPS/TLS
  12. Where SSL certificate verification fails, a warning is now displayed allowing the connection to be aborted
  13. Enabled TLSv1.0 protocol support
  14. Changed error message for unopenable AmiSSL

  1. Where pages contain more than one <title>, only use the first one defined and ignore subsequent titles
  2. Added support for 3-digit HTML hex colour values
  3. Allow form elements enclosed in a link, including buttons, to follow the link when clicked in certain situations
  4. HTML rendering now implemented correctly (MUI 5 no longer patches this bug for us)
  5. [OS4] Fixed non-rendering of table backgrounds
  6. Improved redraw speed of backgrounds that consist both of an image with transparency/alpha and background colour
  7. Fixed the frame of plugin placeholders from not being displayed if the plugin element size was smaller than the placeholder image
  8. <button> elements with no text content are now given a default button text instead of an empty string
  9. On >= 15-bit screens, render page and table background colours using the original RGB colour and not the penmapped colour
  10. Fixed background not always getting redrawn when incrementally displaying images with transparency
  11. Fixed incorrect fuchsia colour
  12. Fixed memory leak caused by unhandled <link> elements
  13. Fixed memory leak in the table layout engine
  14. Don't allow form image submit buttons to be drag'n'dropped
  15. Remap unicode Euro symbol to windows-1252/iso-8859-15
  16. Fixed unicode 8250 character remapping
  17. Removed support for <ol> non-decimal start values, such as roman numerals which was broken anyway and also caused hits or crashes, and is not supported by any modern browser
  18. Removed a delay that occurred when clicking javascript: links
  19. Added some extra unicode punctuation mapping
  20. Fixed non-closing of links when links are used inside a table element, but outside a table cell

  1. [OS4] Image cache should now behave normally when running on 32-bit screenmodes, as the sizes were being incorrectly calculated
  2. [OS4] Added AltiVec acceleration to JPEG image decoder
  3. [OS4] Faster Huffman decoding in JPEG image decoder
  4. Integrated optimised IJG jpeglib v9b into JPEG image decoder, which now supports arithmetic entropy decoding, SmartScale, wide gamut colour spaces (JFIF version 2) and improved colour conversion clarity/accuracy
  5. [OS4] Fixed decoding of non-alpha greyscale PNG files
  6. Integrated optimised libpng 1.6.28 into PNG image decoder
  7. [OS4] Fixed alpha channel handling of 32-bit RGBA bitmaps where an unnecessary alpha mask was being created and used
  8. Fixed bad layout of images viewed separately, that are already in the browser history, when the image has since been removed from the image cache
  9. [OS4] Fixed non-rendering of images when screen is larger than 2048 pixels wide/high
  10. [OS4] Use compositing, when possible, to render all images
  11. Fixed bad memory pool accesses when loading web page images that have an alpha channel via datatypes
  12. Fixed bad handling of the alpha channel in the PNG decoder for 15/16-bit screens
  13. Fixed a couple of bugs in the handling/refresh of transparent table background images
  14. Stopped the GIF decoder from crashing while reading heavily corrupted files
  15. Fixed memory cache when running on 32-bit displays, which was causing the cache to be 25% larger than set in the preferences
  16. The JPEG decoder no longer bothers to check for the JPEGMEM environment variable, as the prefs setting supercedes it
  17. Fixed background image rendering to ignore invalid width/height
  18. Fixed external image decoding from possibly crashing when bitmap allocation failed
  19. Fixed a cached image from always being reused when used again on a page with width or height missing in the <img> tag
  20. Fixed wrong transparent colour being used when generating masks for internal images that are non-standard bitmaps

  1. Fixed ancient bug in preferences system that caused a variety of symptoms due to freed memory references, if changing the prefs when IBrowseNetwork tasks were still resident, such as unable to find MIME types or crashes if network connections were still loading
  2. Fixed detection of non-changed preferences when pressing OK without actually changing any settings
  3. Cache secure images and pages settings now enabled by default
  4. Changed default settings: fixed fastlinks, switched spoofing on for Google and removed run-time conditional fonts
  5. Prevent spoofing entries from deletion if used in URL prefs
  6. Finished localising spoofing preferences
  7. Added custom spoof string settings for HTTP(S) User-Agent and related JavaScript Navigator object properties, allowing new strings to be added, strings to be reordered and "Spoof as" menu to be customised, all interlinked with the existing URL Prefs spoof setting
  8. Made Search bar prefs list titles' style consistent
  9. Increased maximum allowable page and image cache size from 128Mb to 256Mb
  10. Reworked cipher setting options, removing obsolete options and adding new ones
  11. Available ciphers can optionally be configured using a standard OpenSSL formatted cipher list string
  12. Fixed crash when attempting to open the user certificate selection window
  13. Made hardcoded maximum cookie limits adjustable via the prefs. 200 cookies per domain limit remains the default, but now there is no default overall limit (was 2000)
  14. Fixed crash that could happen after changing the PostScript font settings
  15. Added prefs option to ignore cookies by name via an AmigaDOS pattern - default filters out Google Analytics and Quantcast tracking cookies
  16. Fixed a bug which could cause a crash when changing the prefs, or sometimes causing FAB menu changes to not take effect

  1. Fixed incorrect rendering of transfer animations with just a single frame (i.e. static, non-moving)
  2. Fixed new browsers not always inheriting current spoof setting
  3. Fixed fastlinks from being displayed horizontally, when placed inside a vertical navigation toolbar
  4. Fixed fastlinks and transfer animation being displayed incorrectly if placed in a hidden navigation toolbar
  5. Prevent fastlinks from being displayed outside the proper area when placed inside a vertical navigation toolbar
  6. Fixed transfer animation not being resized after being moved out of the toolbar
  7. Made it possible to use the "Add bookmark" FAB Menu item in the Page menu
  8. Made it possible to use the "Copy URL to Clipboard" FAB Menu item in the Page and Image menus
  9. Fixed TextEditField inactive cursor showing a random character when past the end of a line
  10. Fixed FAB menu of file upload input elements to show our own menu, not only MUI's inherited menu on MUI 4+
  11. TextEditField objects now change the mouse pointer to MUI's text pointer (MUI 4+)
  12. With MUI 4+, use MUI's own pointers instead of our old style context pointers
  13. Removed Listtree width workaround in preferences window when running on MUI 5+
  14. Fixed non-updating of the secure bits and cipher text in the status bar
  15. Browser tabs now use the background defined in the MUI settings (Groups / Tab groups / Container)
  16. The location gadget FAB menu now inherits MUI's built-in menus on MUI 4+
  17. Fixed non-display of fastlinks or transfer animation in the navigation toolbar (MUI 5 no longer patches this bug for us)
  18. Display SSL cipher name in status bar (if showing icons, hover mouse over secure icon)
  19. Reverted TEF objects to again use different backgrounds when active or inactive (MUI 5+ only)
  20. TEF objects now use the cursor colour defined in the MUI settings, where available
  21. Fixed small memory leak where status bar text was not freed when window was closed
  22. Pressing the middle mouse button over a link will now open the page in new tab
  23. Added a check to prevent a potential crash on context help checking when the mouse is over any link for the first time
  24. Several tweaks for popup string objects in the preferences window and general Newstring handling to enable correct rendering with MUI4
  25. Cleaned up and fixed TextEditField commodities hotkey handling
  26. Added internal mousewheel handling for TextEditField objects which now read OS4 mousewheel events or NewMouse events in 68k build, with the mousewheel now also working in inactive TEF objects
  27. TextEditFields now respond to MUI's cut, copy, paste, undo and redo keyboard assignment settings
  28. Major rework of TEF objects to improve MUI 4 compatibility and the general look and feel, including changes in the cursor and highlighted text rendering
  29. Added word skipping in TEF objects via the MUI configurable cursor key combination (default is Ctrl + left/right cursor keys)
  30. Cursor is now hidden while highlighting text in TEF object
  31. Disabled toolbar buttons compatible with MUI 4 rendering
  32. Improved real-time updating of the cookie manager window which no longer slows everything down while browsing
  33. Swapped path and domain columns in the cookie manager
  34. Dates in cookie manager now use locale formatting
  35. Cookie manager columns are now click-sortable
  36. Added copy/paste items to the location gadget FAB menu
  37. Marked text was left marked after copying to the clipboard if the text was exactly 62 characters long
  38. Fixed incorrect error messages after choosing a blank filename when downloading
  39. Fixed demo/beta info requester text
  40. Fixed screen pens not being released properly when closing a browser or window
  41. TEF objects now use a memory pool
  42. Fixed the TEF from crashing when the text is completely replaced immediately after clicking in the TEF
  43. Fixed refresh of frame drag bars
  44. Fixed the new title from being ignored when prompted for a title when adding a fastlink (ARexx or drag'n'drop)
  45. Altered the file exists requester. When the two filesizes match the details are shown in bold. Improved the layout slightly to make things a bit clearer
  46. Fixed TEF to honour PageUp/Down and Home/End on OS4 and suppress ANSI escape codes from being printed when pressing functions keys, help key, etc
  47. Fixed drag'n'drop into the (empty) hotlist
  48. Fixed URL clipboard not being saved after changes via the cut'n'paste menu
  49. Fixed the cache explorer not actually deleting cached files

  1. Do not cache files larger than 25% of the total disk cache size
  2. Cleaned up and simplified the file:// handling code
  3. [OS4] Use new DOS functions to support files larger than 2Gb
  4. [OS4] Support downloads larger than 2Gb in size
  5. [OS4] Removed last remnants of old DOS function usage
  6. Disk cache clean menu item now works
  7. Filename extension is retained for temporary files
  8. [68k] Made the external module loader less strict

  1. Fixed user agent strings for release/demo verison
  2. Added support for application/xhtml+xml MIME type
  3. Tweaked the IBrowse/Amiga part of the User-Agent strings
  4. Unescape any URL escape sequences in the base64 data before decoding in the data URI scheme
  5. Added "Do Not Track" setting, enabling the sending of the HTTP DNT header, also readable via navigator.doNotTrack
  6. [68k] HTTP chunked encoding handling no longer crashes
  7. Fixed gzip/deflate HTTP decompression from exiting prematurely after incorrectly treating a tiny buffer decompression as the end of file
  8. Apply URLPrefs to redirected URLs - not just the original
  9. Fixed a bad disk cache memory pool access that could happen when interrupting a network transfer
  10. FTP logins now use password manager
  11. Automatically send the HTTP Authorization header to sites after the authentication has been cached
  12. Don't change username/password to lower case in FTP links
  13. Fixed problems with authenticated requests not working when initial response is compressed and the second not
  14. Fixed some isolated instances where disk cache files were not deleted and/or filename extension got trashed
  15. Added support for chunked transfer encoding, to handle broken servers that ignore the HTTP/1.1 spec
  16. Fixed gzip/deflate compressed pages from sometimes being loaded incompletely
  17. Fixed lockup under low memory conditions caused by an IBrowseNetwork task failing to start/execute
  18. Strip all invalid space characters from cookie name=value strings
  19. Fixed some problems with incorrect date and size values being shown in the overwrite/resume requester for downloads
  20. Added support for multipart form submission utf-8 encoding
  21. Relaxed referrer passing rules allowing a secure referrer to be sent to a secure page when the hostnames differ

  1. The SAVE option for the ARexx GOTOURL command now adds the URL directly to the download manager, now obeying the maximum downloads and custom MIME type download settings
  2. Fixed the new title from being ignored when prompted for a title when adding a fastlink

  1. Using the HIDEIMAGES WACL feature to block images as part of an image input element in a form no longer causes a crash

  1. Allow plugins to use JavaScript via NPN_GetURL
  2. Fixed extra streams loaded by plugin objects not being freed properly
  3. Fixed the plugin API to correctly call NPP_SetWindow with a null NPWindow parameter when the window is iconified or switching to another screen
  4. Allow plugins' NPP_New() to call more NPN API functions
  5. Fixed mimetype not being passed to the plugin handling embedded objects on locally loaded pages

AmigaOS 4.x Porting
  1. More random number generation tweaks
  2. Changed random number generation routine
  3. Rebuilt with GCC 8.1.0
  4. Use new V54 graphics.library API instead of the old cybergraphics.library API
  5. Rebuilt main program and JSLib with GCC 5.4.0
  6. Rebuilt main program with GCC 5.2.0
  7. Replaced usage of most old Exec and Dos functions with the new replacement ones where possible
  8. Fixed crashes when external programs launched are still running after exiting IBrowse
  9. Rebuilt everything using latest SDK
  10. Removed unneeded relative relocations
  11. Removed available memory checks in image decoders
  12. Fixed module loader to handle 68k plugins
  13. Network task messaging now using semaphores
  14. Fixed a bug that could mean that some disk cache files were not always deleted
  15. Allow memory to be paged out, where possible
  16. Added AmigaOS 4.1 detection
  17. Use the new dos directory scanning routines
  18. Fixed refresh of windows with ASL requester open
  19. Re-enabled image decoding support for <= 8-bit screens
  20. Memory pools now allocated using the new method
  21. Fixed crashes when interrupting page loading if using the debug kernel
  22. Fixed PostScript printing crash
  23. Fixed searchbar popup menu from crashing
  24. Fixed non-retrieval of network error codes
  25. Fixed 4th/5th mouse button from jumping forwards/backwards more than one page when pressed on a site that uses frames
  26. Tweaked 4th/5th mouse button functionality to trigger back/forward after releasing the button, not when pressing it
  27. On 32-bit displays, images with binary transparency are expanded to a full alpha channel and stored in the bitmap, removing the need to allocate additional memory
  28. Added full alpha channel support to the image decoders, active for non-colourmapped displays
  29. Fixed crash when navigating the browser history to a page in the memory cache that uses frames
  30. Fixed status bar URL truncation which could yield an unnessarily short string, or overflowing into the status leds
  31. Fixed bug in the startup code of all the protocol modules and imagedecode.module which was trashing memory
  32. External native modules are now loaded/managed internally, in a similar way to the 68k version
  33. Fixed potential crash in the JPEG decoder, XBM decoder and FTP protocol which could happen when aborting loading
  34. Fixed random memory trashing that could happen on exit
  35. Fixed some list sorting problems that affected MIME type handling, and also the fastlink, macros and cert prefs
  36. First OS4 native beta
  37. Added timezone.library support for proper DST handling
  38. Backported and completed a whole bunch of OS4 porting changes from the IBrowse 3.0 branch

  1. [68k] Disabled OS4 charset support code
  2. Updated about: page, adding OpenSSL logo and updated various links and copyright texts
  3. Updated welcome, store and acknowledgement text
  4. Added AmigaOS 3.1.4 detection
  5. More key related changes in preparation 2.5 release
  6. Key related changes in preparation for the new 2.5 keys
  7. Updated about: page with new MUI + classes copyrights, removed CyberGraphX references in OS4 build, removed the SSLeay logo and fixed broken out of date links
  8. Cleaned up initialisation of OS libraries and no longer rely on compile time auto initialisation
  9. Updated about:plugins copyright years
  10. Added version information to the internal IBGroupPlugin.mcc and IBAreaPlugin.mcc libraries
  11. Updated zlib to version 1.2.11 and optimised
  12. Dropped MUI 3.7 support
  13. TEF and Preferences external objects no longer duplicate all the locale strings
  14. Removed some SSL debug code
  15. Removed 500 character limit for bookmark URLs
  16. Fixed crash that could happen if interrupting a loading page if data for embedded objects was being loaded from the cache
  17. Expand any local URL filenames given when starting via the shell to have fully qualified paths
  18. Fixed potential hits/crashes when performing text searches while a page is still loading
  19. Fixed hits/crashes performing text searches after switching tabbed browsers
  20. Fixed incorrect filenames being sent to ICE when cache is located in the root of a partition and not a drawer
  21. Fixed memory leak when flushing the browser history
  22. Removed some unnecessary usage of AllocVec() and replaced with pooled memory
  23. Fixed crash in the saved password handler which could happen when there are unnamed input elements in a form
  24. Fixed crash that can happen when a system memory flush occurs while the prefs or a TEF are open
  25. Major code cleanups and reorganisation
  26. AddFastlink does not call Rexx internally anymore
  27. Fixed search engine addition URL being loaded unwantedly
  28. Added Swedish translation acknowledgements to about page

  1. Prevent crashes if 68k IBrowse tries to use PPC library
  2. Fixed memory trashing crash bug in Array.concat
  3. Object.toString now handles arguments objects
  4. Tweaked Array.concat to skip unset array elements to prevent unnecessary memory being allocated
  5. Fixed problem with conditional statements not being skipped fully when an expression ending in a right curly bracket was immediately followed by a comma operator
  6. Fixed document.writeln not adding a newline character
  7. [OS4] Removed usage of obsolete OS functions
  8. Fixed crash when accessing navigator object properties via the URL gadget without a page loaded
  9. Added window.external.AddSearchProvider support allowing search engines to be added to the search bar via any sites supporting the OpenSearch standard
  10. Fixed Number.toFixed, Number.toExponential and Number.toPrecision methods which did not always yield correctly formatted numbers
  11. Fixed RegExp.compile() from crashing if called to set the object to itself
  12. Fixed Array.unshift which created corrupt arrays when the array was empty, which also led to a crash if that array was subsequently passed to the Function.apply method
  13. Fixed crash when an error occurs before any iterations in a for statement
  14. Fixed crash that could occur while parsing globally declared unnamed functions
  15. The active entry in a multi-select <select>; list is now correctly made inactive when replaced with a new entry that is not supposed to selected
  16. Fixed possible reference to freed memory that could cause crashes when freeing interpreted functions
  17. Fixed functions declared inside a function expression from being visible outside that function
  18. Fixed some other instances where a named function expression could mistakenly be declared outside its scope
  19. Fixed broken navigator.plugins.refresh methods and various toString and valueOf methods
  20. Fixed garbage collection to handle the previous function expression changes without crashing!
  21. Re-implemented string handling to use reference counts
  22. Function expressions defined inside a function no longer cause extra memory to be allocated on each iteration when called repeatedly
  23. Reduced overhead when calling interpreted functions
  24. Fixed RegExp.input
  25. Optimised String.replace for speed, removing unnecessary memory cloning operations
  26. Added more uses of exec/CopyMem() to improve speed
  27. Increased memory pool size to improve performance
  28. [OS4] Switched from clib2 to newlib in javascript.library
  29. Tweaked jQuery blocking filter
  30. Fixed lambda support in String.replace when used with regular expressions and the global flag
  31. Added lambda support to String.replace
  32. Increased maximum tokens limit, allowing scripts with more than 62000 unique tokens to be parsed, and fixed a crash that occurs when this limit is reached
  33. Fixed Array.indexOf which could cause a lockup when passed an invalid parameter
  34. Fixed broken document.toString method
  35. Fixed potential crash caused by period references that result in an error
  36. Fixed history.go looping indefinitely
  37. Fixed possible bad free memory calls on exit in the PPC builds
  38. Fixed for...in statement from crashing if the script deletes items from the object referenced
  39. If the onClick handler for checkbox or radio elements returns false, the element reverts to its original state
  40. Added onChange event handler support for checkbox and radio form elements
  41. Fixed a crash that could occur when creating image objects
  42. Fixed bug in the RegExp.compile method which could cause memory to be freed twice, causing a crash
  43. Fixed window.alert hits when called with no args
  44. Don't issue an uncaught exception error message if an error object has been thrown (instead issue that error directly)
  45. Fixed broken handling of comparisons of boolean objects and boolean literals in the equality operator
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