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24 Dec 2019>Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to every IBrowse user from the IBrowse Development Team. We greatly appreciate the response to IBrowse 2.5 so far and especially to everybody who has upgraded or purchased anew. Fortunately, IBrowse 2.5.1 appears to have plugged most of the issues reported in 2.5 and we hope to improve the AmiSSL v4 68k situation soon.

A special thanks go to fellow IBrowse user, Anthony Hoffman, who in October personally rescued Oliver's faulty A1200 motherboard from the clutches of AmigaKit's store room (after being stuck there for a few years), quickly diagnosing the fault and fixing it, after AmigaKit failed to do so. Since the 2.5.1 release, Oliver has been busy completely rebuilding his A1200T PPC/060 system which involved, amongst other hurdles, sorting out HDD and PSU failures after the A1200 motherboard had been fixed. Funds from IBrowse 2.5 purchases were used to buy new parts to help resurrect it. It's all coming together at last and this is the system we wanted to test IBrowse 2.5 / AmiSSL v4 on, before release, but we couldn't as it broke 5 years ago. We will use this system to test AmiSSL v4 performance to see if anything can be done to improve it in the next AmiSSL v4 update.

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