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IBrowse 2.5.2 and AmiSSL v4 are available for download below. IBrowse 2.5.2 is a free update for existing IBrowse 2.5 users. For 1.x and 2.1-2.4 users, this is not a free update, but various discounts are available for users wishing to upgrade to 2.5.x. For upgrades or new purchases, see our store from where keys can be purchased.
-IBrowse 2.5.2 68K  The complete software package for OS3/68K (demo)  1.71Mb    15 Feb 2020  
-IBrowse 2.5.2 PPC  The complete software package for OS4/PPC (demo)  2.22Mb    15 Feb 2020  
-AmiSSL 4.5  Flexible and up-to-date SSL support, required by IBrowse  5.86Mb    29 Mar 2020  
-MUI 3.8, 3.9, 4.0 & 5.0  MagicUserInterface - GUI toolkit, required by IBrowse
-Documentation  IBrowse 2.3 documentation (HTML, English)  1.35Mb    01 Jul 2003  
-Flash 1.14 68K  Free experimental Flash plugin (68K) for IBrowse 2.5  103Kb    23 Dec 2006  
-Flash 1.14 OS4  Free experimental Flash plugin (OS4 native) for IBrowse 2.5  199Kb    23 Dec 2006  
-Flash 1.14 MOS  Free experimental Flash plugin (MorphOS native) for IBrowse 2.5  139Kb    19 Jan 2007  

Warp Datatypes IBrowse 2.5's internal image decoders utilize the codebase of the
Warp Datatypes using their relevant optimisations and features
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